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Cowhorn Kitchen & Wine

More than just a restaurant

Our Approach

From Cowhorn’s Executive Chef Tim Payne – who also leads the culinary program at the vineyard and serves as the property’s director of food & garden – CKW will serve lunch and dinner menus offering produce-forward dishes inspired by what is growing on our farm just miles down the road.  Chef Tim’s approach is one that focuses on the full cycle of the culinary process – from planting and harvesting more than 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables, to pickling, preserving and fermenting his own ingredients, to menu planning.

Biodynamic Winemaking

To drink, CKW features wines from both Cowhorn and Johan vineyards, showcasing the variety and breadth of wines from the sister properties. Both properties approach to winemaking begins in the vineyard. Like our farm, our winery is Demeter-certified Biodynamic®. We strive to create the finest wines possible with the least amount of intervention, chemicals, additives, or ingredients. Our goal is to allow the grapes to develop into the purest wine possible, letting the essential flavors of the vineyard be expressed most clearly.


Cowhorn Kitchen & Wine introduces you to the many influences that shape Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden. Offering seasonal dishes featuring ingredients grown or foraged at Cowhorn and neighboring farms in dialogue with our current releases from both Cowhorn & Johan, we invite you to experience a deeply immersive, flavorful, and hopefully addictive dining experience.